If you are excited about one of the projects listed below, or you have your own ideas that overlap with our expertise, please feel free to contact us. Most of these projects or parts can be conducted as a reading assignment, short MSc internship, long MSc internship, Phd, and Postdoc.

Active Processes in Biology

  • Entropy production during sound detection of hair cells in the inner ear
  • Reconstruction of differential equations from time series of oscillating hair bundles
  • Non-equilibrium fluctuations of the endoplasmic reticulum
  • Organelle positioning in cells

Connecting Theory to Experiments by Machine Learning

  • GAN networks for image restoration and tracing
  • Application of TubeMap for microtubule networks
  • Hidden Markov States and time series analysis for dynamic patterns
  • Deep learning approaches to classify diffusion

Molecular Motors

  • Capture-shrinkage dynamics of microtubules and dynein motors: coupling two chemomechanical cycles
  • Tug-of-war between teams of molecular motors and how they navigate around obstacles
  • Self-organization through cooperativity